It takes a village…

This post rang true for me today, written by Alicia Keswani, it almost brought me to tears.  Sometimes being a mum is lonely.  It feels like you try and please everyone but someone is always left out or feeling sad.  Some of the time its you feeling this way.  It definitely takes a village.  To help you maintain your friendships, relationship with dad and other children in the family but also to help you maintain a positive relationship with yourself.  Take the time Mama’s to reach out when you need it – use your village, if you don’t have one, find others who need support and build one.  We all need each other at some point or another.

“A new mom can lean hard into her community as she learns how to feed a baby, how to discipline a toddler, how to handle her home and work and relationships. Others around her contribute to her needs and she does the same for them. Her contribution is valuable. And the investment into her life gives her the encouragement and guidance she needs in the tough moments.”

via Weary mama: You are many good and beautiful things. But you are no village. – Motherly

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