So who am I? My name is Rebekah and I am a teacher with a passion for children, family and women’s well being.  I am an aspiring writer and blogger, who is passionate about child welfare, education and growth. As well as what makes families work – in whatever form they come and how women see the role in family dynamics and within society.

I am a mum, a wife, a friend and at times a totally out of control crazy lady, who needs to take time to rest and put herself first.  Which is something I am sure many of you can relate to.
From my writing I am hoping to give an honest and open account of my journey through the trials and tribulations of making it all work.

I want, what I write, to be something you can relate to and comment on, creating a non-judgemental community who support each other.  Encouraging us all to remember that life is worth living, to take chances and to enjoy what we have with all of our hearts.