Raising Teenage Girls

So true – my oldest is 12, almost 13 and some of the points Elisabeth Egan talks about already seem eerily familiar! In particular the ones where you aren’t sure who will greet you in the morning, Instagram, her closet and staring at the young woman she is becoming before she tells me off.  I certainly hope she knows that I am, and always will be her number one fan, biggest supporter and safe place to land through the years to come.

When my first baby was born, the doctor handed her to me and said, “Meet your future teenage daughter.” Then she got on the phone with her own teenage daughter, and the two of them got into a loud argument about what to eat for dinner. I still remember the daughter’s aggrieved voice, audible through her mother’s flip phone: “That is REVOLTING and I would rather eat DOG FOOD.”

via Raising a daughter? Handle with care — especially when she’s 14 – Chicago Tribune